functional medicine to support THYROID ISSUES

Thyroid problems left untreated can cause exhaustion, mental health troubles, adrenal and sex hormone malfunction, weight gain, and the dangers of cardiovascular disease and diabetes that come with it.

Early detection of thyroid dysfunction or antibodies to the thyroid gland may allow us to avoid the need for Thyroid hormone replacement in the future. Functional medicine helps patients with low thyroid function achieve optimal hormone levels through a holistic treatment approach that includes diet, nutritional support, stress reduction, and other therapies.

Thyroid issues can be linked to either low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) or high thyroid function (hyperthyroidism). Thyroid conditions can also be caused by autoimmunity where our bodies attack the thyroid gland. When this occurs it can lead to Hashimoto's disease or Graves disease.

We Support and Improve Thyroid Function

Toki has expertise in helping fix thyroid issues naturally through testing, individualised protocols, and health coaching. This has seen some amazing results with past and current clients and can help you too. Using her 3 month program clients see improvements within weeks.

If the NHS has let you down or you feel your GP is not finding the root cause of your thyroid/hormonal issues then we can help reset your thyroid and get your health back on track.

Whether you have been diagnosed with a thyroid problem or suspect you have hormonal issues causing your symptoms, we can get to the root cause!

thyroid symptoms

Hypothyroidism - underactive thyroid

Weight gain resistant to diet & exercise

Anxiety and depression

Brain fog & memory loss


Period changes

Sensitivity to cold

Thinning hair

Hyperthyroidism - overactive thyroid

Unexplained weight loss

Anxiety and irritability

Fatigue, muscle weakness

Difficulty sleeping

Sensitivity to heat

Excess sweating

Hashimoto's Disease

Hashimoto's thyroiditis can cause your thyroid to not make enough thyroid hormone. It is an autoimmune disease and occurs when your body makes antibodies that attack the cells in the thyroid. Symptoms may include an enlarged thyroid gland (goiter), tiredness, weight gain, muscle aches and weakness.

Grave's Disease

Graves disease is an autoimmune condition where your immune system mistakenly attacks your thyroid which causes it to become overactive. Symptoms may include an enlarged thyroid gland, fatigue, heart conditions such as arrhythmia, difficulty sleeping, irritability, heat intolerance and hand tremors.

thyroid testing available

Thyroid test pic

Our clinic offers full thyroid testing to all of our clients, to ensure nothing is missed to help restore health and function to this vital organ. Our goal is optimal health therefore our comprehensive testing includes:

Triiodothyronine (Total & Free T3)

Total & Free Thyroxine (T4)

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

Reverse T3

Anti-Thyroglobulin and Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies

We see increasing numbers of clients who have thyroid problems, unfortunately the standard NHS tests do not always identify these issues.


My Clients Transform Their Health Through Holistic, Natural, and Effective Protocols

I teach effective tools to overcome your health obstacles, master change, and move forward towards optimum health and wellbeing. My vision is to enable all women to live their healthiest and happiest lives possible.


Thyroid issues

Hormone imbalances

Menopause symptoms

Adrenal issues


IBS and digestive issues

Brain fog

Hair loss

Weight loss resistance

Menstrual issues

Toxin overload


Rave Reviews

What My Clients Are Saying

"Such a pleasure to deal with such lovely, kind lady. I received lots of professional, helpful advice at a time when I felt my GP surgery was failing, due to long waiting lists to be seen and left to wait and suffer in pain.


Within 3 weeks after following the advice given I was no longer in pain. This lady goes over and above to help. I totally appreciate all the good advice."

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"Toki is a wonderfully knowledgeable lady. I had been gradually becoming more poorly over several years and was told that there was nothing wrong with me by GP's. I went to Toki as a last resort in desperation that I knew something wasn't right.


The testing was very thorough and my treatment was incredibly successful, I now feel I have my life back. I would not hesitate to contact Toki and her team again or recommend her to other people."

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When you work with a coach, expect great change. You will clarify your health goals, experience new insights, and take action. If you could have done it yourself, you would have by now.
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