These Are The Top Functional Medicine Tests For Gut Health

Many people have been diagnosed with IBS and are constantly struggling with gut issues. They’re feeling confused and frustrated because their doctor hasn’t been able to give them answers. And it’s so troublesome when food and stress just set them off, but they never know when it’s going to strike. In this video, I’ll share top functional medicine GI tests that most people don’t know about and how they can be a key to being free of gut symptoms for good.

When people are suffering from the symptoms of SIBO, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, they suffer from symptoms like belching and bloating. They go to the GP to get tested, and the test comes back fine. 

Don’t get me wrong, scopes are important especially when doing your checkups for colon cancer, but they don’t tell the whole story of what’s happening at the microscopic level.

New scientific research on the microbiome and the microscopic organisms in our gut show that they rule so many health functions, including immunity and most of this knowledge, including the testing for bacterial overgrowth, takes 20 years to make it to a standard GP practice. 

That’s why I made it my mission to get additional training and functional medicine so that my patients wouldn’t have to wait to get the proper care they need. The great news is there many of these tests can now be done at home as well. 

So that’s one of the advantages. You don’t have to go into a clinical setting, which is very important. Now with the whole social distancing. One of the most common tests that we use is the SIBO breath test to test for the presence of bacteria in the small intestines that shouldn’t be there. 

While there can be many causes for SIBO, typically, people can get SIBO when they take too many antacids or PPIs. It changes the pH of their stomach, allowing bacteria to find their way into the small intestines. 

It can also cause a lot of fermentation, hence the gas and bloating. The SIBO bel breath test picks up hydrogen and all other things given off by bacteria, and it’s a relatively accurate and non-invasive way to find out if a patient is struggling with SIBO. We also perform comprehensive stool tests that can also be collected from your home and shipped to a lab for testing.

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