In Case You Missed It: Your Monthly Wellness Roundup October 2021

Do you feel tired and stressed because of your gut issues?
Developing a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices that work best for you is my goal.
Here is what we shared with my community last October. Read on…


Healing the gut through integrative and functional medicine.

At Birch Health & Wellness Health and Wellness, we are on a mission to get people healthy without harmful, toxic, and expensive prescription drugs.






Anti-inflammatory Grocery List

I have compiled an anti-inflammatory grocery list that will have you feeling confident about what you are putting into your body! ⠀

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10% to 15% of people in the United States have IBS

IBS is more common in women, with ALMOST TWICE as many women as men. 😮⠀
Shocking right?⠀



On the Blog


The Top Foods You Should Be Eating For Total Body Health

Total body health is important for everyone, especially for those with gut issues or autoimmune diseases.
Eating a variety of whole, unprocessed,
nutrient-dense, and minimally inflammatory foods is the key to good health.

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Your Gut-brain Axis:
How To Destress Naturally

Another major way you can regulate your stress response is through the right food and nutrition. After all, if the gut-brain axis is so important,
you need to feed it the right things.

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Everything You Need to Know About Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

If you are looking for something less messy and less complicated to help anxiety, then fermented foods could be an easy and far more appealing option. The benefits have been linked to the fact that fermented foods contain probiotics (good bacteria) and previously, studies have found that probiotics (in the form of supplements) have also been helpful with anxiety and depression.

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New Recipes

Protein Power Smoothie Bowl

This low-FODMAP smoothie bowl is packed with protein oh so creamy and delicious, you will want to have one every day! ⠀

Pumpkin Cranberry Oat Breakfast Cookies

These cookies are lightly sweetened with maple syrup and full of crunchy, chewy, and healthy ingredients!

Recipe Here »

Low FODMAP Pesto

A garlic-free, low-FODMAP pesto made with chives and basil for the perfect IBS-friendly sauce.
This recipe is also vegan & paleo-friendly!

Recipe Here »

Have An Amazing Month!

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