What You Need To Know About A Healthy Immune System (AND Why Gut Health Is The Key)

Immunity is in the spotlight these days and people are trying their best to boost their immune function but most likely they’re missing a number one thing they should focus on. The key to having real robust immunity starts in the gut.

Traditionally, when we think of immunity and immune function, most people think of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. While they play a key role when it comes to health, many people aren’t aware that their gut health plays an even bigger role.

People have compromised gut health and don’t even know it. They may have any number of issues from bacterial overgrowth like SIBO, or fungal issues like Candida, leaky gut parasites or high levels of things like H. pylori, the can being packed and then unity when people are dealing with bacterial overgrowth.

This can crowd out the good gut bugs that protect immunity, create nutrients, balance hormones, and door wide region functions that keep the body happy. These harmful bacteria can also release toxins into the bloodstream that can lower immune function and cause things like brain fog, anxiety, and depression.

Our approach to boosting immune function is through gut health. In fact, the core of my specialized training in functional medicine is based in gut health because it impacts so many areas of our biology.

Keep in mind that gut imbalance or dysbiosis can’t be fixed by supplements alone. And while we do use supplements in my practice, there are many other changes that patients will want to make to rebalance the gut so they have strong immune systems and robust health in general.

We guide patients through this process and educate them to understand how important gut health is in many areas of their life, including weight management, energy, and hormonal balance.

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