Why Gut Health Is The KEY to Brain Health (AND Eliminating Brain Fog)

So many people are feeling foggy and having trouble concentrating! It takes so much concentration for them just to get through the day and they long for a time when their memory was sharp. They may be blaming old age when in fact, if they want to have better memory or a sharper brain, they need to improve their gut health.

Conventionally trained doctors tend to focus on treating the symptoms, and this is why they tend to miss the root cause. They make a lot of assumptions and can miss many of the real reasons why people are struggling. For one, if a patient does have low serotonin production, it’s not a random event. In fact, the digestive tract is responsible for producing 80% of the serotonin your brain requires.

One of the things we teach patients in my practice is to understand the very important gut-brain axis. Think of it as a train track from the brain to the gut, via the vagus nerve. In fact, there are more nerves from the gut to the brain than from the brain to the gut. So when something is off in the gut, the brain will surely know about it. 

Sometimes the barrier of the intestinal wall becomes compromised and this can cause food and toxic particles to leach into the blood on their way to the brain and causing all kinds of havoc. 

So in my practice, when I see a patient struggling with things like brain fog and memory issues, that gut is one of the first places I look! 

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